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Senin, 10 November 2008

Download Komik Dragon Ball - 02

Komik Dragon Ball seri 02 - Synopsis
(download komik dragon ball seri 02)

Book one introduced most of the main characters, their personalities, and motivations. Volume two starts out with the Magical Cow King (Gyuu Maou) needing help in putting out the fires of Mt. Frypan. Gokuu rushes out to get Kamesennin, who will only do the job if Buruma will show him her breasts. Kamesennin then bulks up (putting Sylvester Stalone to shame,) and uses Kamehame-ha (a power blast) to not only put out the fires, but to accidently destroy the mountain at the same time. Buruma coerces Oolong into changing into her double to fulfill her part of the bargain in her place. Gyuu Maou offers his daughter to Gokuu, and Yamcha hurriedly rushes back to administer to the girl that he'd beaten up in the first volume. Chi Chi doesn't understand why two men (boys, really,) appear, knowing her name within an hour of each other, but is flattered at finding out that she has a boyfriend (she just doesn't know who the boyfriend is.)

Kamesennin states that it took him 50 years to master Kamehame-ha, but Gokuu picks it up right away, then understands everything when Gyuu Maou calls Gokuu by name. [Note: Kamesennin travels to Mt. Frypan via Baby Gamera, and gets so dizzy that he throws up.] The rubble of the mountain contains a Dragon Ball, bringing Buruma's total up to 6. Buruma, Gokuu, and Oolong continue on to find the last ball (Buruma uses her Dragon Radar to locate it,) with Yumcha and Pool following closely behind. They arrive in Usagi-dan (Usagi == Rabbit) for a silly side-story. Oyabun needs to touch someone to turn them into a carrot, and has his goons beat up Gokuu. Yamcha is forced to help Gokuu, so that Buruma can be restored and can find the last Dragon Ball for him. At the end, Gokuu uses his staff to take Oyabun and goons to the moon (the joke is the Japanese equivalent of the western "man in the moon": "The rabbit pounding mochi on the moon.")

As the gang continues on, not knowing that Pilaf has the last Ball, they are ambushed. Pilaf's sidekick takes the Balls that Buruma had found, and all her capsules, but misses the Ball that Gokuu claims contains the soul of his grandfather. Pilaf allows the group to enter his castle, so that he can entrap them. His plan to use an "etchie attack" against Buruma backfires: the attack is simply to blow kisses at her, and Buruma is expecting a whole lot worse. Pilaf uses sleeping gas on his prisoners (and himself.) But, his sidekicks do manage to find the Ball Gokuu is carrying, and they go outside to summon the Great Dragon God to let Pilaf make his wish for world domination.

Gokuu uses kamehame-ha to make a small hole in the prison wall, which allows Pool and Oolong to change into bats and escape. Oolong, the coward that he is, wants to run away, when he realizes that the first person to make a demand of the Dragon God wins. So, as Pilaf is stuttering away, Oolong yells out that he wants a pair of panties. He gets his wish, the Dragon disappears, and the Balls fly off in separate directions.

Everyone is disappointed to find out that the wish can only be made once a year. Pilaf imprisons the group in a cell with metal walls and a skylight. By noon the next day, the heat will be so great that the group will die. This is when Gokuu tells his friends about were-monkeys. As a joke, he looks at the full moon. Everyone else is relieved when nothing happens. Right away. Gokuu turns into a monster monkey, trashes Pilaf's castle, and nearly kills people on both sides. Yamcha remembers that grabbing Gokuu's tail had caused the boy to go limp, so he tries this on the monster, and Pool cuts the tail off. Gokuu immediately reverts and falls asleep. When he comes to, he takes the loss of his tail calmly, but has also lost his sense of balance. Afterwards, he runs to the rubble of Pilaf's castle to recover his staff. During which, Buruma and Yamcha bemoan the foiling of their plans to find lovers -- before realizing that each was made for the other.
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