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Senin, 10 November 2008

Download Komik Dragon Ball - 01

Komik Dragon Ball seri 01 - Synopsis
(download komik dragon ball seri 01)

A long time ago, some distance a way, in the mountains, this story begins...

A little boy is breaking up wood for a fire. He prays in front of a ball, and tells his grandfather that he's going out. He wants something to eat. Elsewhere, a girl stands beside her car, and uses a watch to determine that she has to go west. There's no bear to eat, and it's been a long time since the boy had fish. He uses his tail as bait, and catches a huge fish. He's happy, and gets out on the road. The girl almost hits him with her car, and she yells at him. The boy thinks it's a monster, and tosses the car aside. They fight, she shoots him with a pistol, but he doesn't die. She says that she's human, and he stops attacking. But, she doesn't look like him (therefore, can't be human.)

She answers that he's a boy, and she's a woman. He doesn't know what that means, not having seen anyone else in a long time. He looks for her tail, and she laughs at this child who's wearing a tail accessory. She explains that the thing is not a monster, it's a car. They both travel west (he still has his fish.) She thinks he's strong, but strange. He gets home, and tells the ball (grandfather) that he's brought a woman here. She rushes forward to grab the "Dragon Ball," and the boy insists that it's his grandfather. So, she pulls out another one -- which makes it two grandfathers. The girl (she has her name -- Bulma -- on her shirt,) explains that there are 7 Dragon Balls. When they are brought together, a giant dragon named "Shenlon" will appear
and grant one wish. But, you can only do this once a year. (Also, it wasn't a watch, it was a Dragon Radar she was using to track down the Balls.) The boy's is the #4 Ball, and it had taken her 10 days to find the #5 Ball. The boy is impressed.

Buruma also knows what she's going to wish for -- a great boyfriend. She tries to take the #4 Ball, but the boy refuses. So, she shows him her panties as a bribe, but it doesn't work. Instead, she offers to let him come with her to find the other Balls. They argue over this, and she secretly plans on using the boy as her bodyguard, then sneaking in her wish first. They set out, and Buruma shows that the Radar can tell them where to go to find the next Ball. It's west, 1200 km away. She complains about having her car destroyed, and asks the boy's name. He answers "I'm called Gokuu, Son Gokuu. You are?" She says "Buruma." He laughs at the funny name. She fumes, and pulls the #9 capsule from her case. She tosses it, pushing the boy backwards. There's an explosion, and the capsule becomes a motorcycle. He thinks she's a witch, and Buruma explains that it's just the product inside her "hoipoi capsule." (Hoi is the sound you make when you throw something, and poi is the sound things make when you throw them.) He makes sure that it's not a monster, and she tells him to get on in back. He likes the ride.

20 minutes later, Buruma takes a hill a little fast, and then realizes that she needs to relieve herself. Gokuu asks where she's going, and doesn't understand her answer. There's a scream, and he expects to see a snake. Instead, there's a violent flying dinosaur that ties him up and flies off to have Buruma for supper (long time since it's had human meat.) Buruma yells at the boy to save her. He frees himself using his tail, and tries to figure out how to follow the flying thing -- and gets an idea. By turning the one handle, the motorcycle makes noises. So, he's ready to go. He takes one hill too fast, but doesn't quite get the height he needed to catch the dinosaur. Swearing, he tells his bo to expand. He kills the dinosaur, and saves Buruma. This is how the two of them met.

Gokuu and Buruma have set out to find the 7 Dragon Balls which will grant them one wish... The two banter a bit about having to travel around to find the other Balls. But it's getting late, so they pick a spot to camp. Buruma doesn't want to sleep under the stars, so she picks out a capsule. Gokuu can't believe that it has a house inside, but he knows better now, and runs away to avoid the noise that capsule makes when it explodes. [Note: At this time, it's apparently called the Hoipoi Capsule Corporation. Later, it's shortened down to just Capsule Corp.] Gokuu accuses Buruma of being a witch, which she just shrugs off. The house is big inside, too. Gokuu thinks that there's a man inside the TV. Buruma gets a whiff of the boy, and decides that he needs a bath. (A "bath"? What's that?) He gets a towel, but doesn't know that he's supposed to hold in front of himself. They banter some more, and then Buruma discovers that Gokuu's tail is not an accessory after all. Gokuu figures that only men get to have tails, since Buruma is a woman, and she doesn't have one. Buruma thought that men only had those in front of them. But then, Gokuu's dead grandfather was male, and he didn't have a tail either. Buruma takes her bath, and then panics when she sees Gokuu watching her. He asks what the things are on her chest, and she replies that women have breasts. It's only ok for kids under 10 to see them. She asks Gokuu for his age, and he replies 14. Which now makes him a pervert. She threatens him with the police, but he's hungry and wants to eat. However, he doesn't like her choice of food (bread and coffee,) and goes out to eat. A while later, he brings back a caterpillar and a dead coyote. Buruma doesn't want to share the food, so he has to eat alone, outside. Then it's time to sleep, but she wants him to brush his teeth first. He likes the bouncy bed, and wants to sleep with her on it, but she doesn't like that idea (he's 14, after all.) His grandfather slept with him, but she still doesn't go for that idea.

They talk a bit about growing up in the mountains, and in the city, and Gokuu falls asleep in the middle of it. In the morning, Gokuu wakes up first, and decides that it's been a long time since he's slept on "grandfather's golden pillow" (ie -- between the old man's legs.) But, her crotch feels funny, so he removes her panties, and shouts out in shock -- "No balls!!" Buruma wakes up, but the Dragon Balls are still there. She yells at him for surprising her like that. Gokuu is complaining about how long Buruma is taking to get ready, and she tells him to shut up. She's having coffee for breakfast, but he turns that down in favor of going out and breaking up rocks as a pick-me-up. However, one of the rocks turns out to be a big turtle. It's surprised. Buruma wants to know what the fuss is about, and the turtle asks for some water. Then, they discover that it's been trying to find the sea for the last year. Looking at a map, the sea turns out to be 120 km away. Gokuu offers to take the turtle there, and Buruma objects. It'd take too long (30 days on foot,) she has to put on her face first, etc. Gokuu steps off alone, until Buruma panics at being left by herself with all of the creatures in the area. Soon, they run into a large punk bear that demands to be given the turtle. Buruma is willing, but Gokuu isn't. The bear threatens them, wanting to eat the turtle, and then it's fighting time. Gokuu uses Janken (scissors/paper) to drop the bear with "stone." The boy adds "peace" to his victory sign, and says that he wants to keep going. However, he also asks the turtle if it really is delicious, and the turtle denies it emphatically. They get to the ocean, and Toriyama has drawn himself as a robot, hanging on a tree. The turtle and Gokuu are both astonished at seeing the ocean, and Buruma isn't impressed. The turtle thanks them, and swims off. Gokuu decides that he doesn't like drinking sea water. Then, the turtle returns, with something on its back. The old man says "good afternoon," in English, and comments on them saving his friend. He then introduces himself as Kamesennin (turtle master.) Buruma repeats this name, the turtle points out the one that had saved him, and
the old man gives the boy a present. He calls out for the Phoenix (written as "undying bird") but it doesn't show up. The turtle tells him that the phoenix has died, so the guy tries again with Kintoen. . . . . . . template by : unique-templates