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Senin, 10 November 2008

Download Komik Dragon Ball - 10

Komik Dragon Ball seri 10
(download komik dragon ball seri 10)

Dragon Ball #10: Akira Toriyama developed this series, in the tradition of his well-known (in Japan, anyway,) Dr. Slump. The sex and toilet humor was toned down a bit in Dragon Ball, but it still has more than its share of silly, etchie jokes and characters talking directly to the reader. The first few volumes emphasized the old Monkey King legend references very heavily, which continues to a lesser extent later on. Most notably: Son Gokuu (name of both main characters,) Gokuu's expanding staff, the tail (and Gokuu's tendency to turn into a were-monkey when he sees the full moon,) the flying cloud, etc. There are currently 42 volumes in this Collection of Dragon Ball Comics Books

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