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Senin, 10 November 2008

Download Komik Dragon Ball - 05

Komik Dragon Ball seri 05 Synopsis
(download komik dragon ball seri 05)

The battle between Jackie and Gokuu continues in book 5.

[As a recap, Kuririn had defeated Bactarian, Jackie beat Yamcha, Yamu overcame Ranfawn, and Gokuu had triumphed over Gilan. In the second round, Jackie easily knocked out Kuririn, and Gokuu overpowered Namu. We pick up with the contest to determine the greatest fighter in the world.]

Gokuu decides to try using monkey style combat, and succeeds until Jackie gets mad enough to try hypnotising him. This puts Gokuu out, and everyone is convinced he's going to lose. Then, Buruma yells out "Gokuu, supper!" The announcer has to assure the boy that supper will be served when the meet is over, which makes Gokuu that much more resolved to win. He then uses "Janken" style, a technique where you make an attack sound that matches the punch or kick you use. Jackie easily counters the attacks, and Gokuu is convinced that the old man had known his dead grandfather (since the deceased man was the one who'd taught janken to Gokuu.) Gokuu says that he's going to use janken again, and Jackie tells him that nothing will change -- but he gets punched in the nose; Gokuu called out "ba" while making a "gu" attack. [Note: Janken is actually the Japanese name for "scissors/paper/stone." Gokuu punches (stone) and Jackie counters (paper.)]

This makes Chun furious. He invokes Bankokubikkurishou, a lightning attack that stands a good chance of killing Gokuu. Chun demands that Gokuu surrender, which Gokuu won't do despite the pain and warnings of his certain death. Then, Gokuu looks up and sees the full moon. The lightning attack has no effect on the were-monkey, which starts trashing the grounds, (Jackie is startled, because Kamesennin hadn't heard about this side of Gokuu before.) While the spectators run away in fear, Jackie starts a full-power Kamehame-ha. Yamcha rushes forward to stop what looks like Chun's killing blow. Too late. The blast knocks everyone back, and when they've recovered, Gokuu is gone. People accuse Jackie of being a murderer, until he points out a space in the rubble where Gokuu, reverted back to human form, is peacefully sleeping. Jackie states that he wasn't aiming at the boy, but rather at the moon (which is no longer in the sky.)

Shaken, the announcer needs some prompting to start the count, and starts just before Gokuu wakes up again (Jackie complains about this.) Gokuu is willing to continue fighting in the nude, but is convinced to dress in Kuririn's outfit. Both fighters are wearing down: Gokuu is starving, and Jackie had used up his Kamehame-ha power. Gokuu's Kamehame-ha is still strong enough to make Chun jump back, and he's vulnerable to the kick that sends him out of the ring. It looks like Jackie has lost, and everyone is declaring Gokuu the winner when the old man asks the announcer to come over to his edge of the ring. Turns out that Jackie's foot is embedded in the ring's wall, and he hasn't yet touched the grass. So, the fight continues. There's only one chance left for Jackie to win, and it occurs when Gokuu agrees to a hand-to-hand attack. They leap forward, and kick each other in the face. Looks like Gokuu is still in better shape, but he does collapse completely -- Jackie was counting on his longer legs giving him a slight
edge when the impact occurred.

[. . . . . . . . ]

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